How do you know how to store and maintain lawn mowers in winter?

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When winter lawnmowers are stored for more than 30 days:

First, let go of the fuel in the fuel tank and start the engine until it stops due to the depletion of fuel;


电竞竞猜 in the heat engine condition that has just stopped, let go of the

engine oil in the crankcase, and then fill the new engine oil at the

电竞竞猜 appropriate scale according to the recommended level;


remove the spark plug and inject 5-10 milliliters of oil into the

cylinder。 Turn the crankshaft several times and install the spark plug。

电竞竞猜 Fourth,

clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, body, cylinder block,

cylinder head heat sink, air hood, grille and muffler

Fifth, it should be stored horizontally on the ground, with a cloth cover on the mower to prevent dust from falling into it.

Sixth, thoroughly clean the mower。 Before

leaving the lawn mower for a long period of time in winter, the bottom

of the mower, the deck, and the fuel tank cover should be thoroughly

cleaned to prevent the residual weeds and mud blocks from causing damage

to the agricultural machine。 Prior

to cleaning, the spark plugs and opening devices need to be removed and

the accumulated impurities removed from the landing gear and deck with

电竞竞猜 hoses, putty blades, and car washes. Use a brush to remove deposits from the air vent on the mailbox to prevent the vents from plugging.

电竞竞猜 Seventh, remove grease. If

the oil is exposed to the equipment for a long time, a chemical

reaction will occur and the paint on the surface of the equipment will

电竞竞猜 fall off。 Therefore, it must be promptly removed。 When

removing grease, first spray the degreaser on the place where the

equipment is greased, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, wipe it clean with

a towel, and finally rinse with water.

Eighth, control the rust of the bare part of the mower. Lubricant can be used to spray the bare part of the mower, which can effectively prevent rust. Place the mower in a dry place.

Ninth, regularly check the wearing parts。 Develop

the habit of regularly inspecting vulnerable parts and replace damaged

parts in time. This will not only improve the working performance of the

mower, but also eliminate potential safety hazards.

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