The history of mowers

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Since 1805, the lawn mower was human and there was no motivation to support it。


电竞竞猜 1805, the Englishman Praknett invented the first machine that harvested

grain and could cut weeds。 People pushed the machine and driven a

rotary knife to cut grass through a gear drive。 This was the prototype

of the mower。

In 1830, British textile engineer Bill Pudding obtained a patent for a roller mower and received praise.

In 1832, Lansmus Agricultural Machinery began mass production of roller mowers.

In 1831, British textile master Kabila obtained the exclusive patent for the world of lawn mowers.

In 1833, Lansmus Agricultural Machinery began mass production of roller-type mowers. In the 19th century, this lightweight and well-controlled roller mower was widely used in green belts near traffic roads.


电竞竞猜 1902, the British Rennes in London built a drum mower that was powered

by an internal combustion engine. Its principle has been extended to

this day。

What we usually see in rural TVs in the United States is this weeder, which makes it very easy to trim the lawn.

With the rapid rise of the turf industry, China began to use the reciprocating mower in the 21st century. At the end of the 19th century, it was extremely laborious to protect a lawn. For

example, in a large estate in Blenheim (village in western Bavaria,

电竞竞猜 Germany), if 200 workers are employed, 50 of them are to maintain the

lawn. In the mad season of grassland, grass needs to be cut once every ten days. The

电竞竞猜 mowers hold a very long tool (a sickle: the blade is jagged and needs

to be sharpened with a whetstone to keep it sharp). Mowing the grass

电竞竞猜 (actually working more like sawing with a saw ). After

the work is done, the lawn is full of sawed blades of grass, and then

the blades of grass on the ground are picked up to feed the cattle and

sheep on the farm. This saves time and reduces damage to the grassland. It

consists of a parallel four-bar lifting device, a frame, a single-wing

swaying device, and a complete device for adjusting the bias.

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