Mowers considerations

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1.The use of genuine 2T (two-stroke) engine oil, 4T (four-stroke) engine

oil is strictly forbidden, and it is recommended to use Mobil Cassidy 2T

two-stroke engine oil。

2. Never use pure gasoline.

3,strictly in accordance with the 25:1 gasoline is 25, the engine oil

(Mobil 2 T) is 1 the proportion of oil, oil used up a single day,

metamorphic red mixture can not be used.

4, the new machine can not be used at high speed, please run at low speed for 3 hours (equivalent to 5 pots of oil time).

5, want to make the machine longer life, rest for 10 minutes every working half an hour。

6. Never shut down the engine suddenly at high speed, otherwise it will be difficult to start the next time.

7。 If the machine vibrates abnormally, stop checking the blade immediately, and if it is damaged, loose, or eccentric。

8. It is forbidden to cut perennial hard shrubs with a blade.

9。It is strictly forbidden to use a blade to cut grass on the lawn with

电竞竞猜 turbulent stones. It is recommended to use mowing cutters to cut grass.

Non-woody weeds are used for cutting lawns and are safe and efficient。

10。 There are strict size restrictions on blades and straws。 It is strictly forbidden to modify or use the blade or grass head。

11。Remove the spark plug every 50 hours of operation, deposit carbon on

电竞竞猜 the muffler, replace the oil filter, and add butter to the gear box.

12。When the machine is not used for a long time, it should pour out the

remaining fuel, and then start the machine to burn the fuel completely.

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